Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts 2020 Virtual Conference Program

While we are not providing you with print materials for this conference, we wanted to provide you with a digital copy of our program. Inside you will find the conference agenda, presenter bios, continuing education information, contact information for our Board Members, and information about our sponsors and exhibitors, without whom this conference wouldn’t be possible. Click here for your conference program.

Conference Handouts

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic in Rural America 

Art of Mentoring

Behavioral Health Consequence of Serving in the Global War On Terrorism

Breaking Intergenerational Patterns

Constitutional and Legal Issues in Problem Solving Courts

Do Adult Drug Court Standards Apply to Other Problem-Solving Courts

Equity and Inclusion

Ethics and Confidentiality

Evaluation Bootcamp

Expungement & Sealing Case Chart

Expungement & Sealing Criminal History

Expungement & Sealing Flowchart

Expungement & Sealing Powerpoint Presentation

Expungement & Sealing Sample Chart

Expungement & Sealing Sample Request

Good News and Simple Tools Fingerhold Practice for Managing Emotions and Stress

Good News and Simple Tools Impact of Stress

Good News and Simple Tools Practices for Anxiety

Good News and Simple Tools Practices of Healing Transformation

Good News and Simple Tools Practices of Hope

Good News and Simple Tools Presentation

Good News and Simple Tools Quick Coherence Technique

Good News and Simple Tools Suggested Resource List

High on Our Highways Presentation

Housing Discrimination Reasonable Accommodation Info

Housing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

Housing Discrimination Self-Advocacy Tool Kit

Illinois Standards and Re-Certification

Illinois Standards Guideposts to Revised Standards

Illinois Standards Revisions Summary

Marijuana - Public Health and Psychiatric Implications

Restorative Justice in Treatment Courts

Rural Treatment Courts - The Challenge o Meeting National Standards

Specialized Issues Surrounding Justice-Involved Veterans - 1

Specialized Issues Surrounding Justice-Involved Veterans - 2

Strengthening Law Enforcement's Role in Your Drug Court

The Mechanics of Behavior Change Additional Resources

The Mechanics of Behavior Change Presentation

The Practical Application of the Science of Behavior Change in the Courtroom

The What, The How, and The Why - Over 30 Years of Organic Success with MRT

Turning the Tide Presentation

Turning the Tide ProQOL Self-Score

Turning the Tide Resource List

Turning the Tide Secondary Traumatic Stress

Understanding Crisis Intervention Team Training

Understanding the Barriers and Challenges

Workforce Shortage in Psychiatry and Possible Solutions

PSC Documents and Information from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts

Did you know that AOIC released new Court Standards last year? It is important that your court and program are following the latest standards to maintain certification. You can find the latest standards and other PSC information at the AOIC website.

Nominate a Board Member

Our Board of Directors is filled with individuals from around the state who are working to promote problem-solving courts in Illinois by providing education, assistance, training, and development through collaboration of behavioral health and justice systems. Our Board members are judges, attorneys, probation officers, treatment professionals, and other individuals who are associated with the problem-solving court movement in Illinois. We are looking to add members to our Board and would like you to nominate individuals who you believe would help to further our mission. More information on the nomination process and how to nominate yourself or someone else can be found HERE on our website.

Graduate Panel Participants

As you know, the highlight of our conference every year is our graduate panel. This is also the hardest session for us to set. As your program has successful graduates move on, please keep them in mind as a potential speaker for our graduate panel next year. You may email us at the name of potential graduate speakers at any time, and we will be reaching out to you next year as we look to schedule the 2021 conference.


Each year the Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts strives to honor one individual and one organization that demonstrates exceptional leadership in promoting and advancing the mission of ILAPSC. The winning individual and organization have made substantial contributions in implementing and/or enhancing therapeutic justice responses to persons with behavioral health issues locally, regionally, or state-wide. Unfortunately, this year we had no nominations, so we were not able to award any individuals or organizations. Please consider nominating a deserving individual or organization for next year’s conference. You can find more information about the ILAPSC awards and the nomination form on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know this virtual platform is new and you may have questions about how to use the platform or where to find information you are looking for. Here is our FAQ page where you will find information to most of your questions. As always, if you cannot find the answer to your questions, please feel free to email us

Attendee List

We know you are missing out on the networking opportunities we have at our in-person conferences. Here is our ATTENDEE LIST for people who have agreed to have their information shared publicly. Please feel free to send emails to other attendees to network during and after our conference.